Videography/ Photography

Infocrabs prides itself in its unique approach to provide customized video production solutions to our corporate and individual clients. Our mantra is “we are storytellers first and videographers second.” This core philosophy is what sets us apart from the average point-and-shoot camera layman, and makes us stand out as premiere cinematographers in Durgapur and Gorakhpur.

Through the power of compelling storytelling, we create memorable videos that get us referrals and repeat business. We’ll work with any budget and with any scope to deliver the most compelling corporate video, camera drone footage or wedding video to our local, Durgapur & Gorakhpur clients.


Although we are primarily focused on filmmaking and cinematography, we haven’t forgotten our roots as photopreneurs. It’s through our curiosity of the simple SLR camera and strange affinity with dark photo rooms that we came to love the power of a still image. This love for still images eventually morphed into an obsession with the moving image, or the power of video.

We continue to offer services, like Corporate event  photography, Wedding/Birthday Anniversary /any ocassional event Photography.

Corporate Events Photography is a specialised branch of photography which caters to the exact requirements of the corporates to cover various events such as annual general meetings [AGM], opening ceremonies, corporate functions, special events involving cocktails and dinners etc.

As a professional corporate event photographers we understand the requirements and cover the complete event from the welcoming of the guests and dignitaries to the closing speech. In addition, we cover the performances of the various artists who may be invited for the event.